The Utah Adventures Continue…

The last six months of my life have been absolutely crazy. It has felt like riding a roller coaster, yet I haven’t known when or where it ends.

It’s been a difficult time for me, personally.

We decided to cash in our chips and do everything we could to move back towards the Carolinas, where I’m from.

So, I quit my little job and we started seriously downsizing (including getting rid of a vehicle). For sake of ease, we moved into a basement, in a distant town, with family, thinking it would just be for a few months.

And then six months passed by, with one income and a new commute for my husband.

And then the transmission went out on the only vehicle we had.

So we had to change our plans. The only other option was to cry in my milk–which I refused to do any longer.

And so far, things in our new lives are moving rather quickly! I guess that’s how it works in the universe. When you let go and let things unfold, they do so without effort or exertion. It’s really quite remarkable.


Over the last 6 months, I’ve learned that:

  • Subterranean living is not for me (I must be able to see outside, daily). And as a woman, I need my own space to spread my wings and make my house a home. I’m excited to watch my boy play in the backyard as I cook in the kitchen–I have missed that and the freedom we both get from it.
  • I have no control. The best results in life seem to be achieved when we don’t limit the outcome. If I cling to my own limited ideas of the way things should go, then I resist any and all other opportunities which could be way grander than what I ever imagined. I feel like this lesson is unfolding before my eyes.
  • Working makes me feel accomplished and honestly, I’m a much better mom and wife for it! Staying at home, alone, on limited funds with no car, with a four year old, in a basement, in a city where you know no one…as your husband works mostly afternoons/evenings….it can make you feel a little cray cray! SO it’s nice to be back amongst the living with things to do, places to go and people to see…and money to spend. For all of my friends who have been so understanding in regards to my distance, thank you.  This hasn’t been an easy time for me.
  • It pays to invest in your health! During this strange time, I have been eating an incredibly healing nourishing diet and have already seen some major improvements in my health. MAJOR. It has taken time and some severe dedication, but it’s been eye-opening. I recently discovered that I have some lady-related issues that have unfortunately inhibited us from conceiving. However, instead of running to go under the knife as recommended, I’m going to see what and if I can restore my health on a foundational level. Get to the root of the issue. Not just for a potential baby, but because I want to be healthy and I want to feel healthy. Getting old doesn’t mean you have to feel old.  We’ll see if my plan works ;-)! I feel very confident that it will! Especially with the support of this kick ass crew of people I now work with…


I recently started working in the most amazing clinic with the MOST amazing people, doing the most amazing things.

The thing that really gets me: Here, I know I am seriously going to impact some lives. I’m going to help others to heal the way I am continually learning and healing myself.

It is the perfect place, at the perfect time.

I have seriously been looking for and searching for my tribe and BAM, here they are…only to be discovered when I let go of the reigns.

I will write soon about my new position, the doctors I work for, and all of the amazing foundational nutritional healing things they do in their clinic (and are helping me with)!

I haven’t had as much time to write lately, as I’m on single mom duty when I am home (and as you may know, I do a lot of cooking!)–BUT please stay tuned.

My head is spinning with things to tell you about as I only continue to deepen my understanding! 🙂

In Health,


“Adversity is a natural part of being human. It is the height of arrogance to prescribe a moral code or health regime or spiritual practice as an amulet to keep things from falling apart. Things do fall apart. It is in their nature to do so. When we try to protect ourselves from the inevitability of change, we are not listening to the soul. We are listening to our fear of life and death, our lack of faith, our smaller ego’s will to prevail. To listen to your soul is to stop fighting with life–to stop fighting when things fall apart; when they don’t go our away, when we get sick, when we are betrayed or mistreated or misunderstood. To listen to the soul is to slow down, to feel deeply, to see ourselves clearly, to surrender to discomfort and uncertainty and to wait.”
― Elizabeth Lesser

“We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share.This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity.” -Paulo Cohelo




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