A Whimsy Wednesday in Idaho, Celebrating our First Year

Lately, I feel a bit like Dorothy, somewhere between dream land and Oz. Faces, places, things, people whirring past…but I can’t seem to make sense of it….

With quitting a job, making a move (that will also be temporary) and being primary parent/house packer/house mover/house cleaner/grocery shopper/food creator…I have not been thinking of us.

And then, BAM…I realize it’s our one year anniversary! Originally, we had no plans…but so glad we threw together this low-key trip to Idaho.

One full year, we made it!


Thankfully, my awesome sister-in-law insisted on taking our son…which allowed us to have one full day together! I didn’t realize how much we needed this. Come to think of it, we STILL haven’t had a honeymoon…and this is by no means a honeymoon…just a nice time together.

So…instead of steak dinners and sparkly city lights…we had cold ones under a sparkly, starry night…in Idaho. Much more our style…low key, no pressure…Earthy beauty and wonder.

The Plan without the Plans

We started our morning by strolling down to a local cafe here in Eagle Mountain, where we had lunch out on the lawn. 

Then, we headed north and lost the kid. Though, having a child is like a phantom limb, sometimes. I tried to bring his socks and shoes with us and then when we got to a gas station, I asked if he was asleep–realizing how silly that was as I said it!

The day before, I looked online for various options…and we decided we wanted something private and relaxing…but also that didn’t involve backtracking. So, we went North!  I chose this little Yurt in Pocatello, Idaho. No plumbing. Composting outhouse. Great view.


We checked in, went to town, had some wings…grabbed some beers and snacks and headed up to watch the most amazing sunset. We roasted marshmallows and ate chocolates by the fire. 🙂

Ecstatic about the sunset, the peace and quiet…and well, full-strength gluten free beer, duh!

Besides the sunset, my favorite part was seeing a meteor…something I have never had the pleasure of seeing! Even saying the word, “Meteor” reminds me of Joe Dirt (ha!)!  It was brilliant as it soared across the sky. Towards the end, it seemed to explode and broke into two pieces. What a nice treat from above!

Who needs a cooler or ice? Nature has it all!
Breakfast in bed…though she forgot that I don’t do gluten! Luckily, there was much to be eaten still..:)

The next day, we headed over to Lava Hot Springs–a little town in Idaho.  It was the most gorgeous Thursday around 11 o’clock. It wasn’t crowded, the sun was shining, you could hear the roar of the natural springs just outside of the park.

The “Lava Hot Springs” facility is man made, with three stone pools. Each pool has tiny rocks at the bottom, which felt nice under the feet and added another natural element.

The water is 100% natural mineral water, heated and filtered directly from the Earth. The hot mineral water comes into the first pool (pictured below) at about 112 degrees F, making it the hottest of the pools. From there, it cools as it is filtered into the next pool, and into the last, where it will be about 103 degrees F.

When we were done, my skin felt amazing! It was much different than say, a hot tub. Many people don’t realize this, but the skin is like a second liver–filtering all sorts of things every day. The skin provides direct access to the blood stream! This is why many medications (such as nicotine patches, medicated creams) can work by simply being rubbed/placed into/onto the skin. Imagine how refreshing it is to the body when your pores open up and in come minerals to the body (like magnesium, so important for muscle relaxation). What a difference in the way it felt as opposed to taking a chemical chlorine bath. I felt so rejuvinated!

chill bumps because it feels aaaahhhhmazing

Can you see the steam rising? It was so neat too…for a moment we had a few raindrops hittig our hot skin and making a cool pattern across the water.

Very nice, clean facility. I love the awnings for those hot days!
awkwardly posing!

After one full year of marriage, I feel as though it’s really only the beginning of our journey together. Marriage is everything I thought it would be and more.

It’s nice to have someone else who is always in my court. A partner, a pillar, a friend…Someone I can always count on to be my person. I love it and I dearly love him. He has taught and shown me love in ways I didn’t know existed. I hope as we age, and  experience the throws of life together, we will continue to rely and lean on one another. And as strange as it may sound, I also hope that we maintain the ability to put up a good fight with one another when need be. We all need a little kick in the ass sometimes.

But above all, I hope we never forget to have fun together…and never take one another for granted. ❤ Cheers to many more starry nights, sunsets…and adventures with you by my side!

“Marriage is a thousand little things…It’s giving up your right to be right in the heat of an argument. It’s forgiving another when they let you down. It’s loving someone enough to step down so they can shine. It’s friendship. It’s being a cheerleader and trusted confidant. It’s a place of forgiveness that welcomes one home, and arms they can run to in the midst of a storm. It’s grace.” -Darlene Schacht

“there are a few rules I know to be true about love and marriage: If you don’t respect the other person, you’re gonna have a lot of trouble. If you don’t know how to compromise, you’re gonna have a lot of trouble. If you can’t talk openly about what goes on between you, you’re gonna have a lot of trouble. And if you don’t have a common set of values in life, you’re gonna have a lot of trouble. Your values must be alike.’ – Morrie Schwartz”
― Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie


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