Why Do You Eat?

Where’s Your Head When You Eat?

Nutrient density–not something we usually think about when approaching food. I mean when was the last time you sat down and said to yourself, “What’s this meal going to do for my body or my mental state? How is the rest of my day (week/month/year/life) going to be effected by having this ONE meal (yes, the ripple effects can be of that magnitude)?”

Chances are, if you thought about your food today, perhaps you are trying to lose weight, are really into fitness/staying buff, or perhaps you have an autoimmune condition.

Personally, I feel as though these are the biggest motivators for an interest in nutrition these days…and it’s kind of sad. We only care for vanity or we are so sick that we have no other option than to eat a particular way. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. This made me ask the question…

What Are Your Food and Eating Motivations?


Mmmm…how many memories do you have associated around food? Even just saying that, I can taste my Grandma’s banana cream pudding with those little vanilla wafers in it. See, I have ’em too!

Most foods are designed to make fireworks go off in the pleasure centers of our brains. No wonder we are so enticed by all of the packaged foods! My favorite thing, though, is to find better alternatives to your most favorite recipes. Just because you eat better doesn’t mean you have to eat bland!

Did you know, home-cooked food can taste worlds better than all of that engineered stuff!

I’m not saying one should never eat for pleasure–just do it occasionally instead of all of the time! Constant neglectful food beatings are what start the wreckage of the body. Besides, once you switch to healthier options, you will be surprised by your body’s response and new cravings!

In-N-Out Burger
When in Rome! Moderation is key! Indulging in In-N-Out….(this is back before I quit gluten)…but when you put it in a lettuce wrap it’s just as good! Not ideal, but better!

To Lose Weight

According to Boston Medical Center, 45 million Americans will go on a diet this year, funding a  $33 million diet industry. Losing weight is high on people’s list. The Catch 22–in order to effectively lose weight, we really need to slooooow down. And most of us just don’t have time to.

In order for weight loss to be effective, I think the person must understand their own motivations. Unfortunately, in our society, most of us only want to look better.

When the need gets to FEEL GOOD becomes greater than the need to LOOK GOOD, I think we’ll have people that are much more successful with healthy eating.

Because We Must

Another reason why many of us eat is because we have to. These lives we live are crazy and insanely busy! We arise to alarm clocks, force feed ourselves breakfast (or grab it for the road)…and off we go. Most meals are spent moving, talking, and stuffing things down while looking at a screen.

True health is not about food tasting crappy OR about eating low-fat/low-calorie. In fact, deprivation only leads to cravings and bingeing. We must slow down or else we are headed towards the end of the rope even faster.

“Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.” -M. Scott Peck

In conclusion, why do you eat? Is to for pleasure or is it to fuel that gorgeous, wondrous body your moving around in? Ask yourself this and if you’re surprised at your own answers, dig for that truth, dig for your health! It’s the only sure fire way to not only live and exist–but to truly thrive!


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