A Beautiful Start To A Lifelong Loveletter ❤️

The Engagement

Thursday, December 3rd was just like any other day—with the exception of the extremely dense cloud of smog hanging over the city. The four of us (myself, Remington, Sterling, and Dudley the Dane) have been giving into the cold and staying inside lately. After a stint of cabin fever, we decided to go for a short hike up to Ensign Peak in Salt Lake City.

I have never been to Ensign Peak, nor have I been hiking on such a polluted day—so I was sure to take lots of pictures on the way up. It is a short hike, however, you are sure to feel those muscles in your bum that you long ago forgot about (or at least I did). The view was incredible. You slowly get to see more and more of the Valley and the city. On this day, there was an atmospheric haze—giving everything a glowing hue, which made for beautiful photos (although it is quite gross!).

Making our trek above the haze
Taking in the view half way up.
My boys, all of them 🙂
Family Selfie
Sterling’s face was too cute not to include this one!
Love this dad!


Just before popping the big ?

Once we got to the top, we took it all in.

Remington grabbed me and kissed me. It felt heavy, intense, and slightly off target, perhaps because he was nervous. Sterling was running all about the place. I was slightly concerned to take my eyes off of him. Next thing I know, I feel a tapping on the backside of my waist. I turn around, and there Remington is on one knee—his eyes squinting, his face red. I cannot remember the exact words, but something along the lines of how the last two and a half years have been the best of his life and he would like to spend the rest of them with me. He then held up a closed ring box in his right hand. I leaned down, grabbed his face, and kissed him. And then, of course, I said, “yes” or “I’d love to” or hell, I might have even said, “I do!” I can’t quite remember.

At last, he opened that white little ring box. There were two beautiful rings in it. He took it out and put it on my finger. And then I panicked and said, “Where’s Sterling!?” Luckily, we caught him as he was thinking of sneaking underneath the bars to the cliff! And we got some photos.





Our Story – The thread that wove us together

I believe in fate. I believe that things do happen for a reason, especially if you can listen to the tiny urges within your heart (even if you don’t know or understand where they’re leading you). When I look back, there is a fine, glistening thread woven through experiences that brought us together. I think, “Hmm…what if that small thing never happened? Then these big moments never would have.”

The first was a field trip (in 2002) to Salt Lake City my senior year in high school. From the moment I stepped off of the plane, those jutting, snow-capped mountains called to me. It is peculiar to look back of photos of myself, 17-years-old, here in Salt Lake City and Park City, as a visitor. Now I know these places like the back of my hand! If you would have told me then that any of this would be my life, I wouldn’t believe you!

Fast forward to a few years later–I got in touch with an old high school friend, Sophia, who happened to live here in Utah.  I never forgot about those soul-shaking mountains. Before I knew it, I booked a flight and set up a job interview in Park City! Just after she picked me up from the airport, we went to a back yard BBQ in Salt Lake City with a group of her friends. Lo and behold, Remington was there with his beautiful Great Dane, Duke. At the time, he had a girlfriend and I didn’t think too much about him beyond that he was friendly. I still remember him cracking open a fresh Tecate Beer and welcoming me to Utah! We hung out with that same group one other occasion that week (we went to a strip club, I’ll save that one for another blog post!) and then I never saw him again…until 4 years later.

Incidentally, I had an accident driving my car on a snowy night up my remote 3 mile long dirt road. I was pretty darn bummed about the almost two thousand dollars worth of damage so I planned to get out of town. In fact, I had a date planned in Salt Lake City. My friend Jessica was heading down to hang out with her boyfriend, Britt, and she offered me a lift. Once we got there, I decided to have a drink with them before going on my date.

Strangely enough, Britt was best friends and neighbors with Remington. At one time, he had mentioned setting me up with Remington, but I shrugged off the suggestion. Anyhow, that night he invited Remington over for a drink too. The second he entered the door, I was drawn to him. I thought, “Man, he is cuter than I remember!” ((thank you Britt!))

After an hour or two of laughing and having everything under the sun to talk about, I realized that my phone had died! I ended up completely blowing off my date. We were all having so much fun that Jessica jokingly refused to deliver me to the other guy’s house. And really, the rest is history!

But isn’t it strange? I think…if all of these things, people, places, events wouldn’t have happened, all of these small pieces in my life wouldn’t have fallen together the way they did. That’s the beauty in listening to those little urges, I guess. You think you’re painting one picture for yourself, and then you look up and it has suddenly turned into this beautiful piece of art work that you never intended or expected.

Wedding Plans

Remington and I both love the outdoors. It is essentially our church. It is the place where we feel most alive and in touch with creation. What better place to get married than our gorgeous state of Utah? In lieu of a ton of fancy decorations or an arbor or gazebo, we want nature to be the main backdrop. While the location is still to be determined,  will likely tie the knot outdoors in Spring or Fall of next year (it’s cheaper!)  with a simple outdoor ceremony and then follow up with a nice dinner and meal with mostly just immediate family (and if you can’t make it immediate family, we toally understand!).

For our lovely friends and family, we will very likely throw a celebration both in Utah as well as in North Carolina. We will certainly keep you all apprised of the details.

Aside from a bachelorette/bachelor type celebration, we may just skip all of the other stuff (like registries, showers, etc). We have lived together for about 2 1/2 years now, and we feel like we are already past the excitement of “moving in” together and becoming a family.

Thank you everyone for your love, support, and friendship. We couldn’t be more excited to be the “Johnson Family” ;).

There was a time when I would have believed them

If they told me you could not come true

Just love’s illusion

But then you found me and everything changed

And I believe in something again

My whole heart

Will be yours forever

This is a beautiful start

To a lifelong love letter

-Sara Bareilles


4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Start To A Lifelong Loveletter ❤️

  1. Aw, babe!!! ❤️ So happy for you & your little family. I totally cried reading this. Haha. You’re such a beautiful woman, mom, friend,…everything. Everything totally happens for a reason. 😊 Thank you so much for sharing this & for the subtle beautiful reminder to follow that intuition.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brieanna,First,you KNOW I LOVE YOU!!! Secondly,YOU are the BEST writer I ever taught.I certainly can’t take credit for that!! Your excellence is innate.I read this with pleasure,and was so happy for you,I cried!!! Finally(for now),I felt like I was watching The Young and the Restless!!What a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!!! Our paths will definitely cross again!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Linda! You can take credit for a lot of things. Your classes and drama club definitely helped to nudge me out of my shell and comfort zone. Thank you for everything you did for me! Miss you and YES our paths will most definitely cross again! 🙂


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