3 thoughts on “Facebook Bi-Polarism. Know the symptoms.

  1. I definitely have Facebook Bi-polarism. Sometimes it makes me want to jump off a cliff (and not in a fun holding – hands – with – friends way like you pictured). But sometimes it can actually do some good. Like you, I worry for children growing up in such a social media driven society. I am thankful every day that instagram wasn’t around when I was in my early twenties to provide an ongoing photo documentary of my shameful drunken escapades. And if Facebook or Twitter were around in high school, who knows what kind of immature, cringe – worthy crap would have been shared with the world??? These poor kids today. Great post!

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  2. Brieanna a mother couldn’t be more proud! I love that you don’t merely gaze at the stars, you take the chance and change them. So many people are afraid to step out of their prefab lives to make a wake in the pool of life. It takes courage and strength to be a trail blazer and that is something you have always had. Wisdom is learning from the mistakes we make and growing from them, being mature enough to know the difference and appreciating the people we have in our lives instead of the things! Love you! A quote from your mommah: “A good person has friends forever, a materialistic person only has friends as long as they can entertain them!” -Janet Torgerson


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