Rose Petal Bath Salts, the perfect solution to recycle your Valentine’s Rose Buds!

Rose + Geranium + Vanilla  Homemade Bath Salt Recipe
Rose + Geranium + Vanilla Homemade Bath Salt Recipe

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we are likely to see roses on many retailer shelves and even perhaps receive them as an affectionate gesture from a loved one. While I prefer roses on any other day BUT Valentine’s Day, I am happy to receive them any time they want to make their way into my house! They are beautiful, elegant, and brighten up any room with their one-of-a-kind scent. When given as a gift, they act as a constant reminder that someone loves us and has thought of us.

However, their beauty is fleeting! After a maximum of two weeks, it’s time to say goodbye to the beautiful buds and the pampered, loved feeling that came along with them! UNTIL NOW!

I have found a fabulous way to recycle those ol’ petals, by putting them into a bath salt! Some people pay top dollar to get dried flowers/herbs for bath/body products and we throw them away all the time.

After realizing I was hoarding rose petals, I couldn’t think of a better way to recycle them and continue sharing the love they represented with others (and I kept some for myself as well!).

This recipe is luxurious and smells divine. If you check out Etsy, some folks are willing to pay close to $20 for this! I definitely made sure to include lots of love in my mixture, but they were incredibly easy to make.

The skin is your biggest organ and you should take extra special care of it. As your skin is exposed to heat and steam, your pores open up creating a sponge like effect! You don’t want just anything creeping in there. Although buying artificially scented/colored bath salts can be tempting, most of those products are laced with chemicals, minimizing any healing benefits. Unless of course you opt for the salts/sodas in their original untampered state like this.

All of the ingredients have healing/detoxing benefits in addition to the lovely aromatic properties.

All you need is about five minutes, a blender and the ingredients below. This recipe is just big enough for a pint sized mason jar.


  • Epsom Salt – 1 1/2 c
  • Sea Salt – 1/4 c
  • Himalayan Pink Salt  – 2 tbsp
  • Baking Soda – 2 tbsp
  • Rose/Geranium + Vanilla Essential Oil – I used about 15 total drops, enough to produce a scent. Be careful using essential oils can be dangerous when directly applied to skin, depending on which ones you use.
  • 2 Rode buds- peeled away from the stem

Mix all ingredients in a blender, pulsing until the consistency is where you want it.

I like mine in more of the powdery form as I feel as though it absorbs more quickly in the bath. However, if you like the appearance of the larger salt crystals, mix half of the ingredients in the blender with BOTH rose petals, and then mix with remaining salts/soda.


rose petals and wine corks are for more than decorations

Throw your rose petals into the blender with all of the ingredients
Throw your rose petals into the blender with all of the ingredients




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